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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

We are Clean Rooms designer and builder, and we use a wide variety of cleanroom components, workstations and air-handling equipment. We offer both standard designs and custom-engineered cleanrooms for demanding and unique applications. We offer several options including casters, telescoping legs, a variety of curtain choices and our cleanrooms are cost effective. Our products are available with 2” or 3” walls and its non-progressive construction design allows flexibility to expand or change the configuration as needed in the future. Ceiling and wall panels, framing and ceiling T-bar is pre-cut at our factory for assembly on site, resulting in reduced installation time. A complete set of assembly drawings is provided for the installation.

Clean Room Doors

Cleanroom doors can be configured as single/double swing-out or as horizontal sliding either manual, automatic or semi-automatic. For pharmaceutical door panels we assemble with the same panels of the wall system. Swing out doors are designed to fit flush with both sides of the wall panel system and are supplied in several dimensions. Our products are sold to a wide variety of industries across the globe. In addition to standard products we offer wide flexibility to meet unique and unusual needs. Our staff are of experienced professionals which specialize in providing the most effective solutions for any given cleanroom application.