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Cold Storage Doors


"Continuous sandwich panel production process"



Swing Doors:

Designed for simple, Functional, easy to use and robust, Alfa hinged doors are available in standard sizes for low and high temperature applications. The door finish is of "food safe" either PCGI or stainless steel. The door leaf is injected with 40 kg/cum density CFC free polyurethane. Hi-tech hardware like hinges, latches with handle and emergency exit locks are fully loaded and delivered. Highly recommended for chill / freezer rooms, controlled temperature chambers and ripening rooms for trouble free performance.

Industrial Flush Doors :

Commonly recommended for clean rooms and process areas due to its light weight and study construction with plain dust free surface finish. Easy to operate with accessories like lock, hinges and door closure aestheticallydesigned to merge into any ambience. Alfa industrial doors are offered with view glass and accessoriesas fullyassembled unit.

Manual Sliding Doors :

Alfa manual sliding doors are light and easy to operate, comes in standard sizes and thickness with either PCGI or stainless steel finish. The door leaf is injected with 40 kg/cum density CFC free polyurethane and is fitted with specially designed hardware and has safety release lock from inside. Recommended for large warehouses, cold chambers and tunnel freezers.